Editorial, Public Relations

& Marketing.

The ICN is a network of highly skilled professionals experienced in all areas of business communications and strategic planning. Members are solo practitioners who combine their skills and resources to manage projects too large for one, take advantage of each other’s special skills and develop new resources. We can act as a virtual PR agency or assemble a team to help with your unique needs.

Three centuries of communications experience.

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Whether you need writers, editors, photographers, content providers, producers, Web services . . . you name it, the ICN is populated by some of the best in the business and can help you connect with other expert providers.

Public Relations

Who is your public? We can help you define your audience and present your message. It is easy to think too broadly or too narrowly when planning strategy and we can help you hone your efforts keeping them cost-affective.

Marketing & Research

Businesses and nonprofits usually serve narrow, definable audiences. Our members have the experience and expertise to help clients understand, in depth, who the audience is and how best to communicate with them.

Social Media

Not only has social media affected nearly everything we do in business communications, it continues to evolve so rapidly that it is hard for any business to keep up with the best uses of multiple platforms. We can help develop those strategies.

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