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ICN is a non-profit network of communications professionals

The Individual Communications Network, founded in 2000 by Victor Pytko, Joe Weaver, Mike Isopi, Steve Purdy and about a dozen others, formed as a business non-profit organization to act as a virtual PR agency. That structure would accommodate the provision of professional communications services at a lower cost since the team would be composed of individual practitioners meaning much less overhead than a traditional agency.

Many will know the ICN as the group that produced the International Wheel Awards and the Michigan Excellence in Journalism Competition for the Detroit Press Club Foundation from 2003 to 2008. While the DCPF no longer exists the ICN is working on ways to bring both important award programs back.

It was also the ICN that brought the Detroit Press Club back to life in 2012. While the DPC continues to search of its niche it continues to co-present a variety of events throughout the year coordinated by ICN members.


Whether you need writers, editors, photographers, content providers, producers, Web services . . . you name it, the ICN is populated by some of the best in the business and can help you connect with other expert providers.

Public Relations

Who is your public? We can help you define your audience and present your message. It is easy to think too broadly or too narrowly when planning strategy and we can help you hone your efforts keeping them cost-affective.

Marketing & Research

Businesses and nonprofits usually serve narrow, definable audiences. Our members have the experience and expertise to help clients understand, in depth, who the audience is and how best to communicate with them.

Social Media & Networks

Not only has social media affected nearly everything we do in business communications, it continues to evolve so rapidly that it is hard for any business to keep up with the best uses of multiple platforms. We can help develop those strategies.

Government Relations

Partnerships with government agencies can often enhance what a company is doing, just as regulatory problems can interfere. The ability to communicate with administrative and legislative entities can mean the difference between success and failure.

Crisis Management

So many companies get into trouble when managing a crisis. Each situation is different, but certain principles apply that can mitigate damage, and sometimes even reveal a silver lining to a cloud of controversy. Among our members are experts on crisis management.

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